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2018 Scholarship





2017 Scholarship




2016 Scholarship

Alumni Bus Ride 2014 (35).JPG

2014 Scholarship recipients 

     September 2014


We had the opportunity to meet with our 4 scholarship students and their parents at the school prior to the St Aug vs McDonogh 35 game. There were one 9th grader, one 10th grader and 2 seniors. We were also able to present them with some study guides for the ACT test. It was very joyus feeling to help these students to acheive their goal to attend St Augustine until they graduate.




2013 Scholarship recipients with 

September 2013

These pictures were taken at the school with 2 of the scholarships students that we sponsor and their parents. These students were chosen based on requirements that we specified. We will sponsor them throughout their term at St Augustine until they graduate. This is a cause that we truly champion as an Alumni Chapter. We also participated in a tailgate for the St Aug vs Mc Donogh 35 football game.

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